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Menopause awareness event on the 17th of April.How your eating habits affect your body during menopause.

We had a remarkable event on the 17th of April.

It marked the second gathering in what promises to be a series of enlightening discussions about menopause and its effects on women's bodies. This time, the spotlight shone on the crucial link between our eating habits and nutrition during the journey through menopause.

Hosted by the ever-passionate Sharon, the owner of Pullup Bar Cafe, the event was a resounding success. Sharon's commitment to fostering community spirit is truly inspiring, evident in her tireless efforts to organize these invaluable gatherings, all offered free of charge. Her warm welcome makes every woman feel like they belong, regardless of age or background.

Our guest expert, Beccy Jones, from Elements of Nutrition, graced us with her presence. Beccy's expertise as a nutritionist brought profound insights into how what we eat impacts our bodies during menopause. Her wisdom resonated deeply with everyone present, leaving us with a renewed understanding of the power of nutrition in this stage of life. You can explore more about Beccy's work at

Events like these are essential in spreading awareness and fostering a sense of solidarity among women navigating the complexities of menopause. Pullup Bar Cafe stands as a beacon of support and understanding, thanks to Sharon's unwavering dedication.Together, we're empowering each other through every step of this journey.

We loved seeng everyone chatting away, asking questions, and sharing their own stories. It was a lovely, open discussion where everyone felt comfortable expressing themselves.

These talks are super important for spreading the word and making sure every woman knows she's not alone in this journey.

Sharon, the cafe's owner, is a real gem for putting these events on and making sure everyone feels welcome.

So mark your calendars for June 1st, because we're doing it all over again, diving into how menopause affects our sex lives.

Registration is now open click the link to RSVP your attendance

Dr. Zoe Hodson will be there to guide us, and we'll even have an art therapy workshop to get our creative juices flowing. Let's keep this conversation going!


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