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What's it all about?

It's poetry in motion...

Sharon and her sons run the business, and have been serving the streets of Manchester for more than 25 years co founding brands such as Koolrunnings and The Drop before its current brand “House of Pullup”


The original synonym of Pull Up derived from the dancehall, reggae and hip hop scene; the culture, that means to reload the track at the initial moment a crowd would be hyped up by the beat being so euphoric it encouraged the crowd in unison to unite in a shout “puuullllll uuuup”

Over time the synonyms have expanded to mean more than a good beat; most importantly it's a commitment to...


...encourage one another to do better, be positive, unite in spirit and beat the odds. 


House of Pull Up, for the city, signifies just that; we take less, we give more. We try to use the Pull Up brand to manifest positivity and a better universe. Be it through our:

  • inhouse restaurant,

  • community events,

  • putting clothes on the the backs of the homeless,

  • providing a space for improving mental health.

We help others shine, through the medium of poetry, music, art, food & apparel.


We’re all mad here! 

Come join the party. Everyone is welcome

Click on the thumbnails below to come inside and have a look around...

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