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Pull Up & Speak

Pull Up & Speak is a poetry and spoken word event that we host on the last Monday of every month.

These poetry nights created to support creativity, mental health, addiction and homelesness.

If you like to take part please dont hesitate to contact us.

Please check out the video below of our previous Pull Up & Speak Evenet.

2 YEARS.jpeg

Next PullUp & Speak 
is on Monday 26th 
of February

6pm  - 10:30pm


We cant wait to have you all back again for the next edition of Pull Up & Speak!

pullup and speak february.jpeg


Friday 23d of March!


Join us on Good Friday, March 23rd, as we celebrate two fantastic years of Pull Up and Speak! It's been an amazing journey filled with art, poetry, and the warmth of our diverse community.

Sharon, the heart and soul behind Pull Up, has worked tirelessly to make this place a home for everyone.

The anniversary event is a big thank-you to all the talented folks who've shared their stories and talents on our stage. More than just a party, it's a reminder of why we started – to bring people together and support important causes like mental health and homelessness.

Let's mark this special day with art, community, and gratitude!

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