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Menopause Awareness Event at PullUp Bar Cafe on the 7th of February.

After talking to many women Sharon has realised there is much-needed conversation around menopause so Sharon created this unique and empowering event, shedding light on a topic often spoken in hushed tones – menopause.

Dr Zoe Hodson, the founder of Manchester Menopause Hive, was a guest speaker and took centre stage to deliver a specialist talk that went beyond medical jargon, creating a safe and open space for conversations about this transformative phase in a woman's life.

The evening began with participants guided through a meditation session aimed at calming menopausal symptoms. The gentle guidance and soothing ambience provided a moment of respite for those navigating the often tumultuous waters of menopause.

Followed by an informative talk by Dr. Hodson, who effortlessly blended medical expertise with empathy. From debunking myths to addressing common concerns, the doctor's insights offered a holistic understanding of menopause, fostering an environment where attendees felt informed and supported.

PullUp Bar Cafe, known for its inclusive and community-centric approach, proved to be the perfect setting for an event that aims to break the silence surrounding menopause. Attendees, sipping on comforting beverages, engaged in conversations that transcended the usual hush-hush nature of menopause discussions.

The fusion of medical knowledge and mindfulness not only created an educational experience but also cultivated a sense of empowerment among those present. The event at PullUp was a testament to the power of community spaces in fostering awareness and support for topics that are often overlooked.

As attendees left with newfound knowledge, a sense of calm, and a network of supportive individuals, it was clear that events like these play a crucial role in normalizing conversations about menopause. PullUp Bar Cafe, with its commitment to community engagement, once again proved that it's not just a place to grab a drink but a hub for fostering awareness, understanding, and empowerment.

Our next Menopause Awareness Event that will take place at PullUp Bar Cafe will be on the 17th of April 6pm-9pm. We will be discussing the importance of nutrition and eating habits during menopause.

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Owner of PullUp Sharon speaking on menopause.


Dr Zoe Hodson speaking

Dr Zoe Hodson

A poem by June Green


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