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Pull Up and Speak: Celebrating Pride Month Through Poetry on August 28th

"The Heart of the City's Creativity"

In the heart of our bustling city, where culture and creativity intertwine, a monthly gathering known as "Pull Up and Speak" takes place. Every month, this event brings together an eclectic mix of poets, each with a unique voice and perspective to share.

"Sharon: The Inspiring Force Behind 'Pull Up and Speak"

Sharon, the organizer of "Pull Up and Speak," embodies inspiration and warmth in equal measure. Her dedication to curating poetry nights that celebrate diversity and inclusivity is truly admirable. Sharon's welcoming spirit creates a safe space where poets of all backgrounds feel encouraged to share their stories and emotions. Her passion for fostering connections within the community and her unwavering commitment to amplifying marginalized voices make her an inspiring figure in the world of poetry. Through her tireless efforts, Sharon has not only created a platform for artistic expression but also a haven where artists and audiences alike find inspiration, support, and a sense of belonging.

"Celebrating the Artists of 'Pull Up and Speak"

This blog is dedicated to celebrating the incredible artists who grace the stage at "Pull Up and Speak." These poets are more than wordsmiths; they are storytellers, advocates, and champions of love and acceptance. Through their artistry, they give voice to the LGBTQ community and illuminate the path towards greater understanding and empathy. The poets who share their work at this monthly event exemplify the power of art to transcend boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and foster unity. Their courage in expressing their unique experiences and perspectives is an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the vital role artists play in shaping our world and promoting positive change.

Artist of the Month

Allow us to introduce Magda, our Artist of the Month—a multi-talented artist, DJ, and activist hailing from Poland. Magda's art is a vibrant expression of social justice and positive change, and she graced the stage at "Pull Up and Speak" to showcase some of her compelling work.

Check out Maggies Art

Below are some short clips of most of the poets who performed on the night. Enjoy :)

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A beautiful end to a beautiful evening.

Sharon delivers a heartfelt speech at the end of the beautiful evening. Her words resonate with warmth and inspiration as she shares her vision for creating a safe and inclusive space for poets and artists of all backgrounds.

Discover the driving force behind this monthly celebration of creativity, diversity, and acceptance as Sharon's speech illuminates the true essence of "Pull Up and Speak." Get ready to be moved and inspired by her unwavering commitment to the community she has created.

Below few lovely photos from the night :)


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