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Embracing Rainy-Day Positivity: A Poetry Night on July 31st

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Raindrops and Radiance

Imagine raindrops gently tapping on the windows, a cozy room, and the air filled with poetic melodies. That's exactly how our July 31st Pull-Up & Speak night unfolded—a night of positivity where we celebrated the beauty in life's highs and lows.

Diverse Positivity: Shades of Emotion

Positivity isn't confined to constant smiles; it thrives in our ability to find light in all situations. Our poets took us through a spectrum of emotions, weaving verses that embraced triumphs, heartaches, and the journey between. It was a reminder that even in the stormiest moments, hope flickers.

A Special Guest's Adventure: Chad from Birmingham to Our Stage

Adding a touch of magic was our beloved guest, Chad(CD SITUATION), who ventured from Birmingham to grace us with his unique style. Chad is the creative force behind "Hood Conscious" podcast hailing from Birmingham. He brings a diverse array of artists into the limelight. through engaging interviews, he peels back the layers of their creative processes, revealing the stories and inspirations that fuel their masterpieces.

Sharing the Positivity

Outside, raindrops painted melodies on leaves, and inside, words painted images of positivity. From verses celebrating small joys to acknowledging our vulnerabilities, each poet's creation held a piece of their heart. The rain seemed to applaud each line, creating a rhythm that resonated with all present.

Embracing Shadows: Finding Light Within

While the theme was positivity, we didn't shy away from the shadows. Poets addressed loneliness, struggles, and heartaches—topics often left unspoken. Yet, each poem was a testament to resilience, showing that embracing our vulnerabilities is a step toward finding light.

Raindrops, Laughter, and Poetry: An Enchanting Evening

As the evening unfolded, the rain outside became integral to the atmosphere. The sound of raindrops merged with spoken words, creating a symphony of emotions. Laughter, nods of understanding, and even a few tears—all were woven into the tapestry of the night.

Open Mic Magic: Sharing from the Heart

The open mic session was a glimpse into the hearts of our audience. One brave soul shared battles with self-doubt, earning snaps of appreciation.

Poet Loll champions female body positivity. Her words serve as a balm for those who've battled self-doubt and societal pressures.

Loll's rhythmic lines celebrate the uniqueness of every body, weaving tales of empowerment and self-love. Her poems stand as an anthem, reminding women that their bodies are not just vessels but reflections of strength, resilience, and beauty.

A profound testament to the therapeutic power of poetry lies in the work of Kai. Kai's journey through health struggles has found solace in verse. His poems provide a candid window into the emotional turmoil of navigating illness.

With raw authenticity, he captures the journey's pain, frustration, and triumphs. Kai's words echo the voices of countless individuals who have faced health battles, creating a space of understanding and empathy.

Through his evocative poetry, Kai sparks conversations about the physical and emotional complexities of health struggles, fostering connection and healing.

Just to mention a few of the amazing performances.

Vulnerability filled the room, reminding us of the profound connection that poetry fosters.

Conclusion: Poetry in Rain and Shine

As the night concluded, our July 31st Pull Up & Speak night stood as a testament to the power of words and shared experiences. Rain or shine, our poets and listeners proved that the heart of poetry night lies in creating a haven of expression, connection, and hope. So, whether the sky is clear or rain-soaked, our doors are always open for you to share your story in verse.

See you all agein on 28th of August :)

Sharon is the creator of PullUp & Speak

people inside the bar drinking
Full House :)

People inside the bar eating and drinking
Pull Up & Speak Night

2 men djs
Music in between performances

2 men drinking beer
Musician Julian Tailor from Canada


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