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Black Voices Unveiled Event: Breaking the silence on Mental Health and Detention Talk.

Powerful and transformative event in October 2023 the Pullup Bar and Cafe played host to "Black Voices Unveiled," a groundbreaking initiative that aimed to break the silence surrounding mental health and detention talk within the Black community. Organized in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, the event sought to create a safe space for open dialogue, creativity, and self-expression.

The event comprised two dynamic workshops, each designed to address different aspects of mental health and detention-related issues affecting the Black community. The first workshop delved into the realm of creative writing, providing attendees with a platform to share their thoughts, experiences, and emotions through the written word.

The second workshop, equally impactful, focused on expressing emotions through the visual arts. Participants were invited to explore their feelings by painting on empty masks, metaphorically shedding light on the masks that individuals may wear to conceal their struggles. This innovative approach encouraged attendees to confront and articulate their emotions, fostering a sense of catharsis and community.

Owner of the The Pullup Bar and Cafe Sharon, provided the perfect backdrop for these important conversations,with its welcoming atmosphere. Attendees, from various walks of life, found solace and solidarity in sharing their stories, breaking down stigmas, and supporting one another on their journeys toward mental well-being.

"Black Voices Unveiled" successfully created a space where the intersectionality of race, mental health, and detention talk could be openly addressed. By combining the power of creative writing and visual arts, the event encouraged participants to embrace their authentic selves and fostered a sense of empowerment within the community.

As the echoes of the event linger in the air, it is clear that "Black Voices Unveiled" has made a lasting impact on those who attended. The conversations started at the Pullup Bar and Cafe have the potential to create a ripple effect, inspiring continued dialogue and action in the ongoing journey toward breaking the silence surrounding mental health and detention talk within the Black community.


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